Hoosier Pet Sitter
Hoosier Pet Sitter offers a variety of services to meet your pet care needs. Below is a
list of our services and prices.  Our services are available for residents in the Greater
Indianapolis area.  We are open for business 7 days a week 24 hours a day all year
round.  If possible, we would prefer a weeks notice for scheduling to allow us time to
meet you and your animals.  However, we understand things come up.  We will try
our best to accommodate emergencies or last minute travel if our schedule allows.
When you first call, we will set up an initial visit to meet your pets and fill out
paperwork.  There will be an additional $5 charge to all visits over the Thanksgiving,
Christmas, and New Year's Eve holidays.  All other holidays are at the regular cost.  
Each visit we will provide you with a daily log of your pets activities and moods.  To
relieve your anxiety while away, we will also be happy to update you by phone or
Regular Visit                                                            $16/visit
This is a 30 minute visit that includes feeding, cleaning litter box,
giving medication, letting animals outside, and play time.  We will
also water plants, bring in mail, and take out the trash. Other
errands can be negotiated.  

Extended Visit                                                        $30/visit      
This is an hour long visit that includes all of the services in the
regular visit.  

Daily Afternoon or Evening Dog Care              $16/visit               
If your animals are in need of midday bathroom breaks,
medicine, or playtime, we offer 30 minute visits to help minimize
your lunchtime to-do-list or assistance for those with busy work

Pet Waste Removal                                          $20/week        
We will help to keep your yard free of animal waste.  We will set
up weekly or bi-weekly maintenance visits.  The price of the initial
visit may vary depending on the length of time it takes to get
your yard spotless.

Seniors and Disability Pet Care Assistance
We provide a unique service for seniors and disabled individuals
who are no longer able to provide everyday care to their
animals.  We know animals make our lives happier and healthier,
so we would like to help keep animals in families that love them
but due to age or health are unable to care for them.  The price
of these services will be on a sliding scale depending on individual
We do not charge for mileage nor per pet!!